Friday, 4 August 2017

Creative Learning In The Slum

 Every child has seeds of greatness in them, and no doubt they are all unique being. A child born in the slum also has great and valid dreams. They may be born in the slum but the slum is not born inside of them.

This inspired a collaborated effort between two Global Youth Ambassador based in Nigeria  “Isaac success Omoyele and Olowo Omotoke”.

Isaac is the founder of Dreams from the slum, an initiative that runs an education centre in the slum to help reduce the number of out of school children and ensuring children are in school and learning through creative learning approach via arts and multi media.

Olowo Omotoke founder at “The Autism Awareness Place” she has vast experience in creative learning approach haven worked with organizations for children with special need.

This birthed the Creative Learning In The Slum to creatively engage the minds of children in Ajegunle( A slum community in Lagos, Nigeria) to be able to identify alphabets better and know how to spell words.
The children explore the beauty of arts as they engaged in fingers painting  which signifies visions and dreams in their mind written in the Sand of time and a making them realize that education is their right.

They made beautiful collage of fish, apple,umbrella,house, and was able to spell and better pronounce this words.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Official Opening of the Childrens Educational Centre

To celebrate the 2017 childrens day, we officially opened our children educational centre which comprises of
-A library, 
-A low income school and
 -A training center 

The event was so inspiring that some of the guest had teary eyes after listening to beneficiaries and knowing how loads of people in the community are in dire need.

 It was an awesome avenue for us to bring together partners, friends and colleagues to learn more about our work and the impact thus far. 

Yes, someone made a pledge to get us a keyboard so we can start our music class for the kids, thats really exicting. 

Another committed to footing part of the salary of one of our staff teachers in the low in come school. 

There are still loads of needs to be met at the centre which includes:

 -Water dispenser
-Plastic chairs
 -Teachers Salary

 Be a champion and support our cause. Send a mail to: or

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Spreading the Love of Valentine

SPECIAL COMMUNITY OUTREACH IN IGOSUN COMMUNITY IGOSUN, OJE,IBADAN   .                                                                                                                           
The outreach kicked off by 2:00pm, with the delight of Igosun community members volunteers of the Dreams from the Slum Initiative (DFTS) were gladly received and ushered into the community hall. The Oyo state chapter coordinator, Ms. Omolara Akinade-Otun introduced the organization. In her introduction, Ms. Akinade-Otun welcomed the community Chief; Chief Oyeleke Oyekola, elders, teenage mothers and children to the outreach.

Group picture of volunteers with Chief and elders of Igosun, community at the valentine’s outreach

She stated that the outreach was an initiative of DFTS and further explained that the vision of the organization was to reach out to most vulnerable children living in remote and desolate community slums thereby making their dreams become a reality.

The breaking into sessions followed the opening and welcome address. The teenage mothers’ session was coordinated by Ms. Funmi Adeniyi while the children session was coordinated by Ms. Ife Waton. Other volunteers present at the outreach were assigned to either of the two groups.
Facilitators engaged the teenage mothers on personal hygiene, family planning and the need for a vocation.

Ms. Funmi Adeniyi facilitated the discussion on good personal hygiene. She narrated that everyday personal hygiene is basically about washing hands, covering mouth when coughing and keeping clean. She mentioned that teenage mothers can only be good role model to their children by demonstrating good personal hygiene habits.  She further said that keeping clean is an important part of staying healthy. She expressed that the simple act of washing hands before eating and after using the toilet has proven to be an effective tool for fighting germs and avoiding sickness.

Progressively, Ms. Adeniyi said that 68,000 children in Nigeria fewer than five years old die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. She concluded saying diarrhoea is the second largest killer of children in the country, after malaria and that teenage mother must adopt basic hygiene practices such as hand washing with soap at critical times and by doing so families can reduce diarrheal diseases in children by as much as 44%.

Ms. Funmi Adeniyi sensitizing teenage mothers on the importance of personal hygiene


Ms. Mariam Agbolagade led participants through discussion on nutrition. She  explained that children be breastfed  within one (1) hour of birth, exclusively  breastfed for the first 6 months, and then breastfed until age 2 with age-appropriate nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods.

She mentioned that nutrition is critical to the future health, well-being and success of a child.  She emphasized that a malnourished child is up to 10 times as likely to die from an easily preventable or treatable disease as a well-nourished child. Ms. Agboola Reiterated that teenage mothers should not encourage feeding their children with garri because the renowned grain has been reported to cause detriments to the eye like blindness, anemia, cough, among others.

After the brief educative talk on nutrition, Ms. Taiwo Afolabi energized the group so as to get teenage mothers moving and also to give them more enthusiasm.

Ms. Taiwo Afolabi and the group demonstrating energizers


Ms. Mary Taiwo facilitated the discussion on the need for family planning; child spacing specifically. She stressed that having smaller families allow parents to invest more in each child and that children with fewer siblings tend to stay in school longer than those with many siblings. She also mentioned that the use of family planning methods such as condoms helps prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


Generally, it was observed that virtually all the teenage mothers present at the outreach were without jobs or engagement. Teenage mothers were told that “a woman would earn her husband’s respect if he doesn’t have to be responsible financially for everything that she and the children needs”. She concluded saying that teenage mothers must be encouraged to learn a trade in order to be financially free.


Facilitators demonstrated to the children the importance of brushing and bathing, songs on hand washing were sung and various energizers were also introduced. The children energy and enthusiasm levels were increased with the help of games which encouraged team building; this also helped the children to perform specific tasks. Facilitators engaged children to be creative by providing them with painting materials. Children demonstrated competency by carrying out the tasks effectively.

Facilitated by Ms. Ife Watson, the children signifying to have brushed their mouths in the morning

Mr. Akinola Alalade gave the closing remarks; he expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the achievements of the outreach. The community leaders thanked the organization for organizing the outreach which was well informative, educative and the love shown to their community.

Ms. Shakirah Ggolagade enlightening the children on the importance of hand washing

Ms. Akinade-Otun and Ms. Jejeniwa showing love to children of Igosun community

DFTS volunteers sorting gifts for the children and teenage mothers

Presentation of gifts to teenage mothers

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Celebrating the Power of Words

                     WORLD READ ALOUD DAY 2017

To commemorate 2017 World Read Aloud Day, dreams from the slum initiative hosted children living in slum communities in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun State on the 16th of February through the different state co-ordinators and volunteers.

 The sessions were filled with so much fun and the children learnt new words.
The theme of the read aloud which is "Celebrating the power of Words" was an avenue for the children not just to learn new words added to their vocabularies but for them to know the meaning of such words.

The children were taught new words and their meanings, they made examples and learnt to use the words in sentences. Thereafter, they read aloud to each other. It was an illuminating experience for them as they learnt to properly pronounce words as seen in the novel titled ''Back at school"

The story teaches obedience and the children learnt that always being obedient to their elders brings God's blessings. They also learnt about the importance of reading everyday not just on word read aloud day and they recited and memorised the mantra "Always develop a reading habit".

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Healing Through Art: Hope for a Stable future for IDPs

In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, The International Coalition for the Eradication of Hunger and Abuse, (ICEHA), in partnership with Dreams From The Slum Initiative launched ICEHA’s Healing Through Art program benefitting internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Kirikiri Town Lagos. The program uses art to help identify and assist displaced persons suffering posttraumatic stress disorders, pain, fear, anger, and violence. Participants were comprised of children, teenagers, youths , men and women mostly from the Northeastern states of Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, and Taraba states who were displaced as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency.

Speaking with ArewaDaily, Amina Mallam who escaped the Boko Haram kidnappers in Chibok, shared her memories of the event. "It was very scary, I was very afraid, and there was nothing I could do. For over a year now I don't know the whereabouts of my parents, I had to escape for my life." She said, sobbing
Another displaced person, Barrister Danjuma who cares for the IDPs, reflected on the Healing Through Art event, "we've not been shown love this way before, we've had series of visits in the past by various organizations but this one is different." He thanked ICEHA and Dreams from the Slum Initiative for the extraordinary love and acceptance shown to them.
ICEHA's International Arts Director, Mr. Kunle Adewale, stated the Healing Through Art summer camp will run for four weeks and will include economic empowerment for the women, educational support for the children and skills acquisitions for the men. He also hinted that a follow-up strategy is already in place to monitor progress and build trust.
Mr. Adewale added, "Healing Through Art is designed to help victims of violent attacks overcome their emotional wounds and stop the perpetuation of violence from one generation to the next. And unless the underlying psychological afflictions are addressed, the cycle of violence will not stop."

Currently, the IDPs in Kirikiri Town live in makeshift apartments and uncompleted buildings. Mr. Omoyele Isaac Success, Founder, Dreams From The Slum Initiative lamented that easy access by well-spirited individuals and NGOs to provide relief and support have been unsuccessful due to government bureaucracies making it difficult to locate many of the displaced persons and reintegrate them back into society.
About Healing Through Art
Healing Through Art is designed to help victims of violent attacks overcome their emotional wounds and stop the perpetuation of violence from one generation to the next. Although the humanitarian community has banded together to provide food, shelter, education, and some possibility of hope for a stable future for these victims, such efforts cannot truly create sustainable change in peoples’ lives unless they also address the deep psychological traumas created by these events.

 Healing Through Art (HTA) not only provides art, music, and theater supplies to refugee camps and settlements, but provides in-depth training to the volunteers and mentors who execute the program on the ground. These mentors, including social activists and professional writers, painters, teachers, and other artists, are trained in the art techniques as well as methods for screening program participants (survivors) with the goal of identifying those who are in need of further psychological support.

ICEHA is an NGO registered in the United States and Nigeria. They currently assist vulnerable children in six African countries. They have been working in Nigeria since 2015 delivering food, medical treatment, clothing, school supplies, computers, teacher salaries, student scholarships, empowerment training and supplies, Healing Through Art, and other programs to help vulnerable children and their families. The majority of their work in Nigeria has focused on IDPs.

About Dreams From the Slum Initiative
Dreams from the Slum reaches out to the most vulnerable children living in remote and desolate community slums across Africa.
Part of the initiative mission is to adopt out of school children back into school, providing educational support, mentorship and empowerment across Africa since inception in 2013 in order to make the dreams of poor children come true.
The commitment of the orgqanization has been to making the dreams of maerginalised children become a reality via three pronged approach on Education, Empowerment and sound Mentorship.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I want to become a lawyer so i can defend women who are abused -Mbanugo Gift Oluchi

 Mbanugo Gift Oluchi got her Testimonial out of Primary school

Mbanugo Gift Oluchis’ parents got separated when she was about 7years old. Then she was at her village in Delta State.
As a child, she was involved in child labor so as to feed and cater for her school needs before she dropped out of school.
Oluchi was out of school for over 2years and this affected her self worth and esteem as a child. She found it extremely difficult to communicate, read or wrtie.
According to her, she never thought she would be opportuned to be educated again.

 She was brought into the city of Lagos by her uncle and spent over 6months in the city without being enrolled into a school because her uncle she lived with couldnt afford her educational needs.

Oluchi was enrolled into school by Dreams from the slum team and provided with her educational needs such as uniform,notebooks and text books, bags etc.
According to Oluchi, she never thought she would be able to further her education.

Now Oluchi hopes and dream of becoming a Lawyer is possible.

According to her ' I want to be a lawyer so i can defend women who are being just like what my mother experienced.
She just graduated from Primary School and preparing to further her secondary school education with help from dreams from the slum initiative.

Gift was live on Inspiration FM
Through dreams from the slum Initiative, Mbanugo Gift Oluchi has been exposed to sound mentorship, and has gone to places she has always dreamt of visiting i.e. She was live on Inspiration FM sharing her story and urging other kids not to give up hope when faced with challenges. 

Dreams from the slum initiative is committed in our approach in ensuring vulnerable children are in school and learning.
We've many other children living in remote and desolate community slum whoose dream of we hope to make become a reality via access to basic primary education.

Support our cause by calling +2348064222169 or send your donations to

Account name: Dreams from the slum

Account no:0069202293

Bank: Diamond Bank

Every child is your child!!!